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by kitxue

We have the start of a compelling story here. You have an ability to bring the voices of the several characters to life. Each has his o...



One of my Black Desert Online characters showing off her muscle tone.

(Yes, there is a mod to allow her to not be a bloody Barbie Doll. People have anatomy, get over it.)
Repair Crew Girl
Repair Crew Girl is from Kurogame Pukapuka Tai, by Kurihashi Shinsuke. This is NOT my art! It is simply here for storage purposes.


J. Hinton
United States
Current Residence: Idaho
That's right, I have elected to start taking commissions at this point in time. Here are the current rules and prices.


1: Currently I am taking commissions for Photomanipulations only. Don't even ask about other mediums at this time.

2: I have the right to refuse any commission for any reason. If I say no, I mean no.

3: If I accept your commission and then later discover that it violates any laws or terms of service, I will report you to the relevant authorities. Don't put me in that position.

4: By it's very nature, photomanipulation requires the use of stock imagery.  All stock used must comply with the terms established by the owner of the original stock. If you send me stock you do not have the right to send, I will report you.

5: Yes, I will do mature works of art to include partial and full nudes, sensuality, and even mild sexuality. But, again, this is subject to rules 3 and 4.

6: At this time I will accept payment only via a combination of PayPal and Points. If you choose to use points, no more than half of the commission may be paid this way. The simple fact of the matter is that Points don't put food in my belly, and food in my belly is why I am opening up commissions in the first place.

7: Yes, you may provide images for me to use in the commission. However, again, see rules 3 and 4. The stock you provide can be of three types:

  7a: Reference material. If you are asking me to do a commission 
  of an MMORPG character or something similar, Reference material 
  is a must. I will ask you to send a multitude of images from many 
  angles. The higher the resolution and image size the better. These 
  may or may not be used in the commission itself.

  7b: Stock images. These are images created a third party for use
  by artists for a multitude of purposes. Most of these images have
  terms restricting how they may be used. If the use you want to put 
  the stock to would violate these terms, don't even send it. Stock
  frequently is not free to use, but requires a fee be paid. Stock fees
  are on you, not me. All stock provided must be high resolution and
  scaled appropriately to the commission being worked on. As an
  example, if you are providing a body for use as the central figure of
  a 3000px X 4000px image, the body must be 3000px X 4000px and
  high rez. If the stock is meant to be a bunny at the foot of the body,
  this can be a mere 500x500, but still high rez. To be safe, it is 
  recommended that if possible you have me check out the stock
  before you make a purchase!

  7c: Personal images. These are images that you have created yourself
  (usually photographs) and to which you own all the rights. If you
  want a "self insert" manip, these will be more or less required. I
  have the right to reject any of these at any time. Usually if I do so
  it will be the result of the image being too small, poorly lit, possessing
  a poor resolution, being too fuzzy, or other technical issues. If this is
  the case I will inform you what the problem is so that you can make
  a replacement more likely to meet with approval. Unless otherwise
  agreed to, you retain all rights to any image provided. Again, it is
  recommended that you check with me in regards to any provided
  images. NOTE: If you are in the Boise, ID area I can do the camera
  work myself.

8: Yes, I can do all the work to find the appropriate stock needed for the commission. I will do my best to find free images to use, but there is a good chance that I will be unable to find a free stock image. In the case that I have to use a stock image that requires a fee, I will pass all the information necessary to you to acquire the image. I will not work on the commission until I have the needed stock imagery.

9: This will not be an overnight project. A typical, easy photomanip for me is going to take around 10 hours. Those ten hours have to fit around my work schedule and obligations. I will get it done as quick as possible, but it may be a few weeks.

10: I require 25% of the cost up front and another 25% at the time I have the stock needed. Both of these are fully refundable if at any time either of us finds the commission untenable. The remaining 50% will not be required until the commission is finished. To reassure you that I'm not pocketing the money and running, I will send partial images from the work before you send the final payment.


For a simple image requiring only the most basic manipulation, the price is a flat fee of $25. This image requires the combination of no more than three very simple images, with precious little touch up. The price does not change depending on how much of the body (for living things) is included.

Images that require the combination of several elements, the price increases to $50. The more elements I have to deal with the longer the project I take and the more difficulty I have getting images that match up. This increases the time I have to have to put into the project. I'm passing that cost on.

The addition of extra focal figures that are NOT directly interacting is $25 per additional figure on top of the base cost. That second/third/fourth figure takes me just as much time as the first. Note, if the additional figure requires several combined elements, you're getting this at half the cost.

Images that require direct interaction between multiple focal figures are $50 per additional figure. Finding and meshing up two or more focal figures is Not Easy.

Images that require significant amounts of distortion of the base images are an additional $25 per focal figure. Stretching and molding figures into very different shapes without making them look like crap is very difficult. It takes a lot of time, patience, and learning.

If a background is complex enough to require as much work as a focal figure does, it becomes a focal figure itself and will be priced accordingly.

If any clothing is complex enough to require as much or more work as the figure wearing it, it becomes a focal figure itself and will be priced accordingly.

Any stock that has to be paid for in order to use will have the price passed on to you.

Jeeze that's expensive. Can I talk you into a lower price?


All of these prices assume that when I am done, you will receive the final work and I will never have anything to do with it again. If you grant me certain privileges I will knock the price down.

The following are things you can do to lower the price by 10% each (up to a maximum of 50%, stock fees not included):

Let me post the finished product to DeviantArt.
Let me post the finished product outside of DeviantArt.
Let me sell prints of the finished work on DeviantArt (depends on stock art restrictions).
Let me sell prints of the finished work outside of DeviantArt (depends on stock art restrictions).
Let me use any stock art you provided for this project in future products.
Provide me with additional stock I may use for future products (depending on my approval of the images).
Commission an additional work (both images will be 10% off, not just the first image).

To Start:

Send me a note. Don't ask if I am available (clearly I am). Instead title it commission and give a base description of what you are wanting. I WILL respond back within two weeks. If you don't hear back in two weeks, send a second note because somehow the first one went amiss.

Thank you.


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